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The Managing Directors Martina Klocke and Thomas Klocke

The team of the Klocke Publishing Company introduce themselves …

Long-term partnerships and often even friendly cooperations connect us with many of our customers. Also with our suppliers we have been working together for many years, based on an equal footing. We are particularly proud of our perfectly well-coordinated team that has been involved in the success of our company for more than two decades. Together, we work day by day to bring our readers closer to the sunny side of life.

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Managing Directors and sole sharehoulders

Thomas & Martina Klocke

Over the course of 30 years, Thomas and Martina Klocke have created a dynamic publishing house whose special-interest publications have been firmly established for years in a changing media environment. The entrepreneurial couple is responsible for the strategic, economic and content-related management of the entire portfolio of print and digital products. This is achieved on the basis of a philosophy of uncompromising quality and a personal network of decision-makers across the international hotel, restaurant and business industries.

Telephone: 05 21 / 9 11 11-0 Facsimile: 05 21 / 9 11 11-13
Marketing and Advertising Manager

Thomas Klocke

In his capacity as Head of Marketing, Thomas Klocke is responsible for all marketing activities as well as advertising sales. With a wealth of experience and know-how, the Managing Director devises marketing concepts aimed at specific target groups and individuals for international stakeholders.


Thomas & Martina Klocke

Thomas and Martina Klocke are responsible for the content of all magazines and online publications. They set the journalistic guidelines and are responsible for the coordination, organization and leadership of the editors.

Further contacts

Profile photo Sabine Siegert
Office Manager

Sabine Herder

After studying social and historical sciences and further training to become a PR journalist, Sabine Herder has been working as an editor for the entire portfolio of our lifestyle publications since 1996 and was responsible for the organizational processes of the editorial department, among other things. In July 2021, the cosmopolitan Westphalian took over our office management and as a committed “right hand” supports the management in day-to-day operations, coordinates administration and is an experienced contact person for customers and employees.

Telephone: 05 21 / 9 11 11 10 Facsimile: 05 21 / 9 11 11 13
Profile photo Karsten Wißner

Karsten Wißner

Karsten Wißner's value-adding marketing concepts are always focused on the target group and the respective industry. Based on his comprehensive insider knowledge and his years of sales experience, the marketing expert is the perfect contact person for our customers since September 2018.

Telephone: 01 77 / 3 89 00 86
Profile photo Katrin Baumgart
Accounting and organisation

Katrin Baumgart

Katrin Baumgart has been the fiscal organizer of the Klocke Publishing House since 2000. Aside from overseeing accounts, payment transactions and dunning, she provides key support in operational daily business.

Telephone: 05 21 / 9 11 11 11 Facsimile: 05 21 / 9 11 11 13
Profile photo Stephan Klocke
Shipping department

Stephan Klocke

For almost three decades, Stephan Klocke has ensured that the publications of the Klocke Publishing Company find their way to readers and customers, whether they live in Berlin or on a South Sea island. In addition to distribution logistics, his responsibilities include warehouse and portfolio management.

Telephone: 05 21 / 9 11 11 15 Facsimile: 05 21 / 9 11 11 13
Profile photo Gabriele Isringhausen

Gabriele Isringhausen

For Gabriele Isringhausen, the sunny side of life has been on the agenda almost every day since 2007. After all, the seasoned journalist is every bit as fascinated by interesting people as she is by charming hotels and restaurants in the most beautiful parts of the world.

Telephone: 05 21 / 9 11 11 61
Profile photo Bernd Teichgräber

Bernd Teichgräber

From features on the international hotel and restaurant scene to the world of high-end motoring, Bernd Teichgräber has been contributing absorbing luxury lifestyle content to special interest magazines of the Klocke Publishing Company since 1999.

Telephone: 05 21 / 9 11 11 63
Profile photo Claudia Schwarz
Production Coordinator

Claudia Schwarz

Since 1995, Claudia Schwarz has been coordinating internal production processes while monitoring deadlines and overseeing corrections. In her capacity as the interface between customers, editors and printers, the Production Coodinator maintains a constant overview – even at the most intensive times.

Telephone: 05 21 / 9 11 11 35
Profile photo Diana Wilking
Production Coordinator

Diana Wilking

Diana Wilking applies her expertise to all areas of prepress. The Production Coordinator has been providing a link between customers, editors and printers since 2010. She is responsible for corrections while keeping a keen eye on deadlines.

Telephone: 05 21 / 9 11 11 32
Profile photo Claudia Stepputtis
Media Designer

Claudia Stepputtis

Claudia Stepputtis has been applying her outstandingly sharp eye and innovative flair to our creative division since 2005. The experienced media designer develops and produces the modern and beautiful layouts for our print products.

Telephone: 05 21 / 9 11 11 36
Profile photo Birgit Lahode
Image Editor

Birgit Lahode

Turning good pictures into perfect images is the goal of Birgit Lahode, who joined Klocke Medienservice in 2018. Thanks to her expertise in the field of digital image processing, she plays a part in guaranteeing the prime quality of photography in our print and digital publications.

Telephone: 05 21 / 9 11 11 38
Profile photo Janina Vordenbäumen
Image Editor

Janina Vordenbäumen

Nach erfolgreichem Abschluss ihres Studiums im Fachbereich Medienproduktion, setzt Janina Vordenbäumen nun ihre umfassenden Kenntnisse und Fähigkeiten in die Praxis um. Ihr Streben nach Perfektion in der Bildbearbeitung macht sie zu einer maßgeblichen Kraft im Team des Klocke Medienservice. Durch ihre fundierte Expertise im Bereich der digitalen Bildbearbeitung spielt sie eine entscheidende Rolle bei der Sicherstellung der erstklassigen Fotoqualität.

Telephone: 05 21 / 91 11 1-56
Profile photo Holger Schönfeld
Image Editor

Holger Schönfeld

Top quality photography has always been the unique selling point of every title of the Klocke Publishing Company – and maintaining that quality is the responsibility of Holger Schönfeld, who since 1996 has provided the interface between production and printing while bringing image processing into the digital age. With his technical skills, he not only supplies superb images, but helps out with any technical problems as needed.

Telephone: 05 21 / 9 11 11 39
Profile photo Nadine Meißner
Travel Reservation

Nadine Meißner

The qualified graphic designer joined our creative team in 2006. Following her maternity leave, Nadine Meissner switched to the administrative side with renewed energy, and now manages enquiries and bookings with skill and dedication via the HIDEAWAYS HOTELS booking platform.

Telephone: 05 21 / 9 11 11 17
Profile photo Bianca Normann

Bianca Normann

Since 2015, Bianca Normann has been playing a key role in ensuring our high quality standards are met: there is no publication the eagle-eyed foreign language correspondent has not reviewed for accuracy. In addition, she manages competently the inquiries and bookings of the HIDEAWAYS HOTELS booking platform.

Telephone: 05 21 / 9 11 11 40
Profile photo Lucy Klocke

Lucy Klocke

Lucy has been bringing joy and happiness to the company since 2008 – and she is also our security officer, loudly announcing every visitor with a wag of the tail. Lucy’s patient and loving nature helps everyone get through the day.

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