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The five exclusive lifestyle magazines of the Klocke Publishing Company, A LA CARTE, HIDEAWAYS, COUNTRY STYLE, HIGH LIFE and YACHTING & STYLE, are synonyms for excellent and targeted information as well as entertainment at the highest level for their respective special interest segments – in Germany and worldwide.

These publications are available in all Senator Lounges worldwide, in the First Class of Lufthansa or in the Business Class of selected airlines. Our subscribers belong to the elite of decision-makers from the economic, medical, hotel and gastronomy industry.

Thomas and Martina Klocke have started their media success story based on studies. Resulted in a student part-time job, the Klocke Publishing Company was founded in 1984 and concentrated first on 12 purely regional publications like „Eastern Westphalia à la carte“, „Cologne à la carte“ and „Munich à la carte“. Due to the steadily rising demand, the couple decided to distribute their magazine throughout Germany from 1994. The current A LA CARTE magazine was born, which has now been one of the leading gastronomy magazines in Germany for over 30 years and which – despite the strong changes in the media landscape – still has a firm place in the magazine market today.

With the launch of the travel magazine HIDEAWAYS in 1996, which has become kind of a "bible" for luxury travellers over the years, the East-Westphalian entrepreneurs went one step further with their passion for exceptional hotels.

The editorial concept focusing on the world's most beautiful hotels and destinations, the bilingual presentation in German and English and the highly targeted special issues such as HIDEAWAYS SKI has been copied many times since its launch, but never reached the excellent level of quality. This also applies to COUNTRY STYLE, the international men's lifestyle magazine HIGH LIFE, which has been part of the publishing portfolio since 2002, and YACHTING & STYLE, a special interest magazine having the exclusive Yachtie lifestyle since 2006 in focus. All editions can also be downloaded as ePaper or PDF via iKiosk. With the successful web portal: and an innovative content marketing strategy, the Klocke Publishing Company is also present in the digital world.

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Our Philosophy

Our publications inform, inspire and awaken wanderlust. Above all, they share one thing: our passion for good food, good living and exceptional hotels and destinations. After all, what could be finer than discovering a little-known restaurant with friends, dining at an impeccably laid table with your family or visiting the world’s most romantic destinations with your partner? Such are the beautiful moments of life we aim to convey to our readers – atmospherically, authentically and sensuously. With this in mind, we insist on the highest standards as regards the content and aesthetics of our products – and we never compromise.
Despite our many years of experience, never a day goes by when our publishing team is not challenged to uphold – and even surpass – the high quality standards we set ourselves. The process starts with the concept – whereby the personal network of decision-makers we have built up across the international hotel, restaurant and business sectors over 30 years of publishing is of great help – and continues with elaborate on-site productions by editorial teams, and much more. In common with all employees, our publishers, editors and photographers are seasoned experts in their various fields, lending every feature authenticity and distinctiveness. Vivid, emotional imagery dovetails with modern, generously proportioned layouts that reflect the needs of our target groups and customers. With many clients we enjoy partnerships that are long-standing and friendly. This is especially true of relationships with suppliers, with whom we generally collaborate on equal terms for many years. We are very proud of our fully functioning team, some members of which have been delivering significant contributions to the success of our company for more than two decades. Day after day, we work together to give our readers a taste of the sunny side of life.

The brilliant and emotional visual language corresponds to the modern and generous layouts, which base on the wishes of our target groups as well as those of the customers.

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